Practice these French words and phrases as you prepare for your river cruise through France

Learning the language of one of the countries you are visiting can go a long way to making your journey that much more of a culturally immersive experience. When you are cruising through France or along the southern Rhine, here are a few words and phrases that may help you connect with the destinations you are exploring.

Bonjour (bown-ZHOOR)

Translation: Good morning

Bonsoir (bown-SWAR)

Translation: Good evening

Un café, s’il vous plait (oon ka-FEY, seel voo play)

Translation: A coffee, please.

Merci (mare-SEE)

Translation: Thank you

Un verre de vin, s’il vous plait (oon vair de vun, seel voo play)

Translation: A glass of wine, please.

Santé (SAN-tay)

Translation: Cheers!

Parlez-vous anglais? (PAR-lay voo ah-GLAY)

Translation: Do you speak English?

Où sont les toilettes? (oo soon le TWA-let)

Translation: Where is the restroom?

Combien ça coûte? (come-BE-en tsa coot)

Translation: How much is it?

J’habite aux Etats-Unis (Zhah-beet oh zay-tah zew-nee)

Translation: I live in the United States.

Try out these words and phrases on one of our river cruise journeys through the idyllic country of France. Contact your preferred travel advisor to start planning your journey today!

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