Laura and Brian Wright renewed their vows on the Danube River in 2018.

Read more about their experience in the interview below.

What inspired you to sail with AmaWaterways for your anniversary?

My husband Brian and I were married September 2, 2017. Given that we’d both been married before, a honeymoon seemed silly, so we opted to take an anniversary trip instead. Brian’s dream had been to visit Austria, and I had been on two AmaWaterways cruises before, so the AmaSonata cruise on August 12, 2018, seemed like a fitting way to celebrate our first anniversary.

Why did you return to AmaWaterways rather than another travel provider?

I’ve come back to AmaWaterways again and again because of the staff and their attention to their guests. The smile and “good morning” as you pass your housekeeper in the hall, the joke from your wait staff (as they make sure your glass is filled), the warm welcome as you return to the ship from a long day of sightseeing. They never make you feel like you’re imposing,

How did the vow renewal ceremony come about?

One day early in the cruise, I had a truly spontaneous thought, which I shared with our Cruise Manager Kriss: did AmaWaterways ever do vow renewals? I mentioned it on a lark; I was fully prepared to hear “no” and would have understood completely if that were the case. But I could see right away the wheels turning as she thought about how she could make it work. Not only did she make it happen, she made it special.

Where and when was the ceremony?

On August 16 at the Captain’s Reception, we said “I do” again in front of all the guests on board. It was a wonderful moment, one that we’ll never forget. The Captain was pacing back and forth before the ceremony – he looked more nervous than a father of the bride! After he guided us through the vow renewals, he turned on the microphone to announce, “You may kiss the bride!” to much applause and cheering.

How did AmaWaterways make your vow renewal even more special?

After the ceremony, we were invited to the Captain’s table for dinner. Our room was decorated with rose petals, a “certificate of vow renewal” and a delicious treat – the plate was decorated with “Happy First Anniversary” in chocolate. It was really magical. I had no idea AmaWaterways would go this far to help us celebrate.

Did the sites you visited along the Danube River make your celebration romantic?

The Danube is gorgeous – what a fabulous place to be in love! And AmaWaterways does such a terrific job of making every moment special. We loved the balance of knowledge imparted by skilled tour guides and the opportunity to explore all the nooks and crannies of old Europe on our own as well.

Would you renew your vows again?

I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

What do you think about the new AmaMagna?

I don't know how you improve on perfection, but from what I hear, that's exactly what the AmaMagna does.

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