Where else but the incredible Chobe River can you see the mighty hippo frolic alongside you in the water, spouting water from its nostrils.

Stare wide-eyed as the largest concentration of elephants in all of Africa freely swim and splash about. Feel yourself becoming humbled as you spot the graceful giraffe bow his elongated neck to quench his thirst at a watering hole. Listen to the nearby grunt of the rhino or the song of the lilac-breasted roller - along with scores of buffalo, lions, crocodiles, lechwe antelopes and hundreds of other species of animals and birds. But while taking in the incredible wildlife, don’t forget to breathe in the fragrant scent of African grass and shrubbery.

Fifty miles from the breathtakingly vast Victoria Falls, the game rich Chobe River runs through the northern part of Botswana’s Chobe National Park. Lending its name to the park itself, the Chobe River is in actuality part of the larger Cuando River which flows through south-central Africa – from Angolia and Namibia’s Caprivi Strip and into Botswana’s Linyati Swamp. From there, the river breaks into the Linyati River and further east, the Chobe River. The Chobe eventually flows into the Zambezi River.

As always, the reed-lined river is a haven for wildlife (and wildlife viewing) throughout the year. But this is particularly true during the dry season from April through October, when water inland is scarce and migratory animals head towards the river. Throughout the Chobe Park -- find giraffe, sable, buffalo, lions, jackals, leopards, hyenas, giraffes, crocodiles, monkeys, baboons, kudu and impalas. It is the one of the only places the puku antelope can be seen.

But viewing it all by venturing out on private safari boat will give you a unique and extraordinarily different perspective. Potentially get closer to certain species of wildlife. Find new perspectives for photographs and cherished memories. The river draws an abundance of different animals to its well. Hippos and crocodiles are common sightings here.

The park’s roughly 500 different species of birds are particularly drawn to the river as well, including some rare species particularly sought after by photographers – from those who enjoy snapping pictures as a hobby to top professionals. Find the pied kingfish, woodland kingfisher, black heron, Egyptian geese, African sacred ibis, knob billed duck, blacksmith lapwing and the tawny eagle among others.

Of course, you are also exploring the river via the illustrious (and eco-friendly) Zambezi Queen river boat. What a unique and luxurious experience to both discover wildlife by safari boat – and then again outside your balcony and window of your floating hotel. Should you like, laze about all morning on the river like the hippopotamus – watching game from the comfort of your room. Or wake up with the birds, substituting their siren call for your alarm clock or ringtone. There is no more authentic means to travel the Chobe River than on the river itself!